Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How To Play Games At Phone

Because Losing Poker Chip

Texas HoldEm Poker is an application developed by an external (third party) on Facebook which already has over 1.9 million fans in the fan page, but the number is still small compared with the users are definitely more. As the adage that says "no sugar ants", with many poker application users must invite ants handed ignorant to commit fraud such as hacking and theft chip measures the user. And the problem is I grouped in 2 because we can read the following explanation.

1. user errors
Your Facebook account is not be set safely. The most common is to include email and date of birth visible. Where email and date of birth are used to log into Facebook. Of course this made ​​accessible to the Facebook account and then you chip looted and disappeared.

Not that should not include email and date of birth, it is better not to use birth date as a password.

2. Error application developers mad
Developers are not able to protect and keep their applications running properly, in terms of the occurrence of errors, troubleshooting, hacking and other things that interfere with the application that causes the chip to disappear.

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