Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Best Software Mobile Application Security 2012

London - The most advanced mobile phones and computers. Also the problems on the computer is now located in the mobile, ie, the virus. Here is the antidote.

In this moment can lose your wallet will be more acceptable than losing the phone. Because in the era of mobile phones in this way, users tend to store more personal information, personal photos, contacts, passwords, personal message.

Unfortunately, many criminals are too clever to steal such information through a form of spyware and malware trojan virus. To this end, the choice of appropriate anti-virus certainly make users feel more secure.

Lookout anti-virus applications for Android has managed to score 9/10 for the protection of the Android device. While McAfee Mobile Security 2.0 managed to score 8/10 for performance. Followed by BitDefender Mobile Security, F-Secure Mobile Security 7.6 with a score of 7/10 for his performance. Moreover, the score of 6/10 obtained by TrustGo 1.0.6 Antivirus and ESET Mobile Security Mobile Security 1.1 for Android.

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