Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Reviews

I wanted a new phone but didn't dare ask my Other Half for one for Christmas as I had already asked for a new Laptop. I was thinking that I would buy myself one after Christmas in the sales. My Other Half's phone had gone wrong so he was also looking for a new phone, we have always had PAYG mobiles but he thought he would try to get a contract phone as it would work out cheaper so he applied online for one but didn't hear back from them so thought they had turned him down so he went and bought a new phone from a shop. Then the next day he heard that they had accepted him for the contract phone so when he got it he gave me the other one that he had bought.

A smartphone with all the features of a high end phone. Well worth the money. Compromise has been done on the camera and the processor speed. But this is rarely noticeable considering the fact that hardly anyone favors their mobile to their digicams to take pics. As for the processor speed, it has roughly the same speed as its costlier brother Samsung Gio or ACE.
With a trendy and compact design with Android v 2.3.5 Gingerbread, this one surely packs a punch specially for the youth!

Not to forget Android supported IRIS (Apple's SIRI's arch rival) can also be installed form the Android market. You wouldn't be able to use Siri in earlier versions of iPhones hence this is certainly an advantage!
All in all quite handy phone for a reasonable price

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