Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CMMS Software Benefits

in today’s demanding workplace it is essential that assets, plant and equipment are correctly maintained to remain both reliable and efficient. A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps to maintain equipment in such a condition that active service time is increased and maintenance costs are reduced.CMMS Software may be used by any organisation that must perform maintenance on equipment, assets and property.

CMMS Software delivers valuable information by providing the capability to manage an organisation’s asset portfolio down to individual asset level. A CMMS Software system can:
  • Enable the scheduling of asset related work, such as maintenance, testing, inspections and health and safety activities.
  • Determine the elements that affect reliability, servicing and repair, and highlight the most cost effective method of maintaining an asset.
  • Allow the creation of unique and flexible maintenance regimes to cover bespoke requirements.
  • Incorporate a help desk system providing a reactive maintenance solution.
  • Provide interactive tools to give a full overview of the maintenance jobs that are scheduled to take place during future periods.
  • Link to the mobile CAFM applications for field engineer use.
Some CMMS products focus on particular industry sectors while other packages aim to be more general. Most will produce status reports and documents giving details or summaries of maintenance activities. The more sophisticated the package, the more analysis facilities are available.

The benefits of using CMMS Software include:
  • A sustained reduction in costs associated with maintenance, replacement and operating expense.
  • An optimal mix of preventative and breakdown maintenance required for maintaining facilities.
  • The ability to anticipate and proactively meet demands in advance, driving up efficiency and bringing down costs.
When considering the purchase of a new CMMS Software package, it is worth setting clear and measurable criteria against which fair comparisons and informed decisions can be made. Resources are available to guide organisations through the process of software selection. Service Works Group (www.swg.com) has published awhite paper outlining ‘Best Practice in Software Implementation’ which has been designed to provide useful guidance for the effective planning of a new CMMS Software installation; including managing timescales, resource availability and budget constraints.


  1. Great read!! I’m totally in love with your CMMS Software Benefits articles … They are REALLY awesome! Keep up the good work

  2. Great read!! I’m totally in love with your CMMS Software Benefits articles … They are REALLY awesome! Keep up the good work