Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to format blackberry Phone | Reset Default

How to format blackberry Phone And Reset to Default? Do not Forget to Backup your data first, because the data in the phone memory will be lost. That the memory card is not lost.

How To Format BlackBerry
A. Go to the OPTIONS menu
2. select Security Options
3. select General Settings
4. Then came the General Settings menu
5. Then Press the Blackberry menu button next to the trackball which
6. select Wipe Handheld
7. check the option "Include third party applications" if you want to clean
8. then press Continue, enter the password "blackberry"

Then everything is back as new as we buy.

How To Restart / Reset Reboot
Press the alt key (left) + del (right) + aA (right) three of the same until the blackberry off and will restart itself.

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