Friday, June 22, 2012

New Blackberry Phone at July 2012

 New Blackberry Phone at July 2012 BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. said Thursday that the new phones will be critical delay for the future of the company until late 2012.

Mike Lazaridis, a company co-CEOs, said the 10 mobile phones BlackBerry have a highly integrated chipset will not be available until mid-2012, the company can now expect to later this year. The official said the delay in a conference call with analysts.

Analysts say RIM's future depends on the new software platform. To achieve RIM BlackBerry, because a convincing U.S. users, more flashy touchscreen phones like the Apple iPhone and moved several competing models that are running Google's Android software. New Blackberry Phone at July 2012

Earlier Thursday said RIM BlackBerry sales fall sharply in the latest vacation, a further indication that you are struggling to compete. There was also a hard time finding a niche in the market for Tablet PC computer, which is dominated by the iPad from Apple.

RIM continues to enjoy success abroad, but the market researcher NPD Group says RIM's market share in the smartphone market in the United States has been reduced from 44 percent in 2009 to 10 percent this year.

The company's shares fell 7 percent in extended trading hours Thursday.

The late 10 phones BlackBerry is the latest in a series of setbacks for the once iconic Canadian companies. Your Playbook tablet computer was not selling well, why sell the company at a deep discount. A general court frustrates many millions of BlackBerry users in October. RIM released two executives after drunken rampage forced the diversion of a flight from Air Canada. The Head of Operations in Indonesia is facing charges in connection with a stampede at a recent promotional sales where dozens of injured consumers.

RIM said its net profit fell by 71 percent in sales fell and the company took a charge of general accounting in the text book that has the same operating software that uses the RIM not use the new phones.

"We ask for your patience and trust," said Lazaridis.

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