Friday, June 22, 2012

Nokia New Windows Mobile Phones 2012

Nokia New Windows Mobile Phones 2012 . Nokia chief executive said Wednesday that Nokia Windows phones will be in the market in 2012 that Nokia and other major potential partners had with Microsoft and Google.
Nokia announced last Friday that would connect with Microsoft Windows Mobile software and will be available across devices, replacing home-grown Symbian exhibition space and converting the world's largest maker of mobile phones in a player's original team.
"This is a Windows-based product (markets) in 2012," said Jorma Ollila, in a meeting with the Finnish broadcaster YLE.
Nokia Chief Executive, Stephen Elop, said Tuesday the company was the emotion and pressure led to a phone with the new partners of Microsoft operating system later this year to make.
Ollila said Microsoft was not the only alternative for Nokia and had pointed out, several companies showed an emphasis on cooperation with the Finnish mobile phone maker.
"It gave Microsoft, Google and our own choice (go alone). And adding to this, as had other applicants."
He said that should not be by the shareholders of the head of Nokia under pressure. Elop started at the helm of Nokia in September last year and Canada is the leading non-Finn to lead the company.
Ollila often that hand to work on board Nokia 2012.
(Reporting by Terhi Kinnunen)
Microsoft and Nokia have signed an agreement that ultimately seals dealannounced in February between the two companies, creating a formidable competitor for Google Android and Apple's IOS.
Now you can travel far from her old Nokia Symbian OS includes Windows Mobile software to create a new ecosystem of Nokia hardware and Microsoft software. The company announced that the Nokia Windows are built to date in development ", in order to ensure volume shipments of the machine in 2012."
While Nokia engineers working on creating hardware for Windows Mobile, Microsoft wins the authority of the Nokia mapping and navigation platform, in order to improve certain Microsoft search engine Bing. These map services also appear in the organization of Nokia phones with Windows Mobile, but there was no word on whether these mapping services would not work with Windows Mobile phones made by Nokia.

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